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Lady Alexa - Catheter Jerk Off

2009-08-01 13:11 minutes
Lady Alexa  - Catheter Jerk Off 0
Lady Alexa  - Catheter Jerk Off 1
Lady Alexa  - Catheter Jerk Off 2
Lady Alexa  - Catheter Jerk Off 3
Lady Alexa  - Catheter Jerk Off 4

A long term session with Lady Alexa includes full service. The slaves is tied to the gyn chair and equipped with a catheter. He is allowed to sip at the goddess Liquid of his Mistress. Right after the liquid intake he may the unbelivebel painfull experience what it means to be jerked off with a catheter in his cock. Despite all his moaning and whining he is emptied without remorse.

Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching

2009-01-21 13:47 minutes
Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching 0
Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching 1
Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching 2
Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching 3
Lady Alexa - Urethra Streching 4

There is only one reason to take of the chastity belt, only for the urethra distension ! After he take for 5 weeks the chastity belt Lady Alexa musst resuscitate with pain the dick. Stick for Stick goes into the urethra ! The loud laugh from the Mistress is not to ignore by the slave . . .

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