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Doctorophobia Part1

2019-06-01 20:56 minutes
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Doctorophobia Part1 1
Doctorophobia Part1 2
Doctorophobia Part1 3
Doctorophobia Part1 4

As Dr. Shiva entering the examination room and the patient feel and saw her physical dominance he was knowing this this medical exam wont be any fun. After the rubber object was absolutely defenceless fixed on the hyper modern gynaecological examination chair then unfortunately his biggest nightmares come true because if there is one thing Dr. Shiva didnt do, then thats consideration for his moaning and suffering during therapy. After the mean urethral cleansing of his painful dick, the testicles and its nipples may be wired and connected to the current stimulation Device the poor Rubber patient only wants to escape...

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